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Wallis Simpson: What Is the Accuracy Astir Her After Eld?

Updated on January 4, 2017

Jackie Jackson


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The Duchess of Windsor


What Happened to the Duchess of Windsor?

Formerly, Wallis Simpson was likely the nigh talked-about charwoman in the humanity. And ie the mankind, her describe was on everyone’s lips in Britain and America in the Thirties.

The long-time schoolma’am of Queen Edward Seven, she was described by him as ‘the char I love’ when he stated on BBC tuner, to the mankind, that he was renouncing his pot to which he had ascended but a yr ahead so that he could espouse her.

Britain had been horror-struck at the thinking of their magnate marrying a twice-divorced American charwoman. Americans, I kinda surmise, were secretly quite pleased that one of their countrywomen was creating such a cult in ‘stuffy’ Britain.

As you cognize, the queen became the Duke of Windsor and Wallis became his duchess when he matrimonial her concisely afterwards he had abdicated. Their lives unitedly pee a unknown and challenging account but what is evening odder is what happened to Wallis astern the duke’s destruction.

The Duchess of Windsor | Rootage

Wallis Simpson’s Unusual Widowhood

A diarist who worked for London’s Sunday Multiplication was the beginning to unveil the floor that all was not swell.

Company lensman (and Princess Margaret’s ex) Overlord Snowdon distinct – this was in 1980 – that he treasured to photo the duchess. She had been widowed for octet eld and had scarcely been seen since but lived as a withdrawn in Paris.

The diarist, Caroline Blackwood, was accredited to pen a short-circuit clause to company the photographs.

The duchess at this sentence was either 84 or 85. The twelvemonth of her parturition was in dubiousness because she was allegedly innate ahead her parents were matrimonial so falsified her parturition twelvemonth.

So no-one knew what her status was. Was she ill and sick-abed as around mass aforesaid? Others suspected that she power be a dupe of dementedness and that this was the intellect she hadn’t been seen publically.

It was ascertained that her biography was alien than low persuasion.


Maitre Suzanne Blum

The diarist ascertained that the duchess was altogether below the ascendancy of her distaff French attorney, Suzanne Blum.

Maitre Blum was well-nigh the like age as the duchess but hush a practising attorney in Paris. She had exhausted often of metre operative in America where she delineate various major Hollywood studios and major pic stars.

At around gunpoint astern the Duke of Windsor’s decease, she had gained the duchess’ superpower of lawyer and ran her total animation.

Caroline Blackwood went to Paris to consultation this redoubtable old French attorney. She was told, altogether sincerity, that if she wrote one parole which was disparaging astir the duchess the attorney wouldn’t sue her—she would pop her.

Try as she mightiness, the diarist could get no info roughly the duchess and surely no permit to chit-chat her.


Friends of the Duchess

Caroline interviewed respective of the duchess’ friends from the old years. (You’ll see subsequently why she had such enceinte approach to them). One of the beginning was Diana, Dame Mosley. (Once Diana Mitford).

Diana and her economise had likewise been exiled from England and they had been neighbours and finish friends of the Windsors. So, Diana had scripted a record most the duchess.

Madam Diana confirmed to the diarist that none of Wallis’ old friends had seen her for various days.They had time-tested, but Maitre Blum had prevented it.

Caroline went on to audience a issue of the duchess’ nearest friends and they all had the like storey to severalize – that Maitre Blum prevented them from eyesight their old champion.

What Was the Duchess of Windsor’s Term?

Complete a serial of interviews with Maitre Blum, the diarist standard self-contradictory info. To me, the report of the old attorney makes her appear on the bang of craziness.

Sometimes, it was reported that the duchess was in a comatoseness. Sometimes Caroline was told by Maitre Blum that Wallis was seated in a professorship by the windowpane admiring the garden, chatting in an alive forge and hearing to Colewort Doorman records.

Maitre Blum assured the diarist that the duchess standard the outdo potential charge with a squad of nonmigratory checkup stave. Positive, she was cautiously saved by her fold old consideration, her pantryman Georges.

Caroline Blackwood was persistent. Formerly, she was shown photographs interpreted by a Spanish lensman victimization a telephotograph lense pointed towards the duchess’ bedchamber in her palatial Paris family.

These showed the duchess to be in a totally piteous billet. Nurses were turn her in her bed (to forfend bedsores presumptively).She was what the diarist describes as ‘cigarette-thin’, she was dependant capable several aesculapian setup and her caput was lolling with no lastingness in her cervix. It was as if she was so comatose.

Yet Maitre Blum, who visited the duchess hebdomadally, continued to story that the duchess was well-chosen, compos mentis and enjoying her Kale Doorman records.

Merchandising the Windsor Jewelry and Possessions

The diarist observed that Maitre Blum, having the duchess’ might of lawyer, was secretly merchandising diverse items of the Windsor’s wealthiness.

The old attorney had nail restraint complete every self-will, every missive, every journal, every detail owned by the duchess.

Was she merchandising these goods for her own personal amplification? Or was she marketing them to stock the duchess’ checkup maintenance?

Either way, it reflected gravely on the attorney. She was arrangement these sales secretly. In fact, had these items been sold as ‘previously owned by the Duchess of Windsor’ they would birth had more rate but Suzanne Blum didn’t deprivation the humans to recognise that she was marketing Windsor possessions.


The Austrian Tycoon

The diarist so heard a distressing chronicle around ‘a sealed Austrian baron’, a admirer of the duchess, who’d had a call from her two geezerhood antecedently. She was glaring and inquisitive why all her old friends had cut her off since the duke died.

The tycoon was implicated plenty to fly to Paris because he had well-tried to vociferation Wallis various multiplication in the finish few geezerhood and been told by her pantryman Georges that she was too ill to blab.

Georges had too explained that these were the orders of Maitre Blum. The baron’s commencement chaffer to Paris was sleeveless but on the arcsecond, he bullied Suzanne (which sounds wish an nigh unsufferable project) and was eventually allowed to glance his old admirer in her house.

He reported that she was wizen to less than one-half her master sizing, and curling up virtually as though she was relapsing to an conceptus. She was unconscious and, to his repugnance, malady had caused her tegument had darkened so that it appeared to be entirely inkiness.

He aforesaid that she looked ilk ‘a shrunken prune’.

Was the Duchess Alert or Stagnant?

Caroline Blackwood became acquainted with a French businessman who told her that an demode trader admirer had been offered the Duke of Windsor’s hugely worthful appeal of Sevres snuffboxes. The bargainer had refused.

This businessman was aghast by Caroline’s stories of how the duchess was unbroken in privacy and approached a protagonist, a tec, to learn more.

When Caroline met the investigator, he asked a head that chilled her to the ivory. ‘How do you know’ he asked ‘that the duchess is lull animated?’ He explained that although, course, it was illegal not to account a decease, it was something that happened much in France particularly where confidence finances and inheritances were implicated.

Could this maybe be the cause?

The Functionary Dying of the Duchess of Windsor

Wallis Simpson died in April 1986. She was leastwise (mien in brain that her lawful birthdate was doubtful) 90 eld old.

She was inhumed in England aboard the duke and members of the British royalty – including the queen—attended the observance.


The Close of the Duchess: The Unusual and Threatening Storey of the Net Geezerhood of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor Buy Now

The Generator: Caroline Blackwood

As I was interpretation her ledger, I was surprised that the generator had such entree to the Duchess of Windsor’s friends. One of the duchess’ old friends was the writer’s auntie.

During her investigations, she lunched with Dame Diana Mosley. She telephoned the Countess of Mountbatten. She visited Edward’s long-time schoolma’am, Freda Dudley Guard. She dropped in to see Laura, the Duchess of Devonshire.

These citizenry are nigh fabled figures.

She contacted aristocratical aged ladies in the like way that you or I would connect with finis friends.

On probe, I ascertained that the generator was really Gentlewoman Caroline Maureen Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood and from an aristocratical category herself. She was marital various multiplication – beginning to an artist, so a composer and lastly an generator.

When she wrote the leger astir the duchess, it was two days aft her own teen girl had died of a dose o.d.. Caroline ‘went to pieces’. (See the picture infra).

Her economise had too latterly died.

A few age astern she’d scripted the hold it was recognized that her penning abilities had been badly unnatural by her dipsomania.

Do these facts change the situations she wrote roughly regarding the Duchess of Windsor? The leger is quieten usable and I’d exhort you to understand it and settle your own judgment.


See More

You can determine more almost the generator in the picture infra. Her biography is about as bewitching as that of the duchess.

The picture shows her girl who seems to be a rattling womanhood. Alas, the distaff interviewer is fairly po-faced with no humour, but read more around Ivana Lowell and how she observed the trueness of her authorship.

Acquire more astir the source

Why Not Say What Happened?: A Memoir Buy Now

I guess that the telecasting supra has quicken your appetency and that you’d alike to cognise more some Caroline Blackwood’s history, her husbands, her Guinness sept and her daughters.

Use the contact on the correct to see more roughly Ivana’s leger on Virago.

You’ll discovery it enchanting.

She has a terrific humor and is outstandingly pile to world, as you saw on the picture.

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