Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General questions

What is timee?

All events, all contacts, all dates, your whole life in a single app!

timee unites one of the largest event databases with an instant messenger, a social network, and calendar functions, thereby making it the control centre of your life.

With timee...

- you’re shaping your life in the easiest way
- you will always know what your friends and contacts are up to
- you’ll find the best events in your neighborhood
- you will be organizing your appointments faster than ever
- you can promote your own events

In short: timee helps you to make the most of your time!

What is an event in timee?

In timee you can create and share any kind of event: appointments, dates, meetings, public or private events, or even a private moment you want to cherish.

About app permissions

With Android 6.x, also referred to as Marshmallow, Google assigned more control to its users. Since the introduction of Android 6.x users are able to determine the functions an app is allowed to access separately. With prior versions of Android all required access rights are prompted during installation already, leaving users with not many alternatives, if they want to use the app.

With Marshmallow – similarly to iOS – the right to access every needed function is prompted separately within an app. This can sometimes be annoying, but means maximal control for users.

Questions regarding privacy

How is privacy dealt with in timee?

We can assure you that your data is treated with a maximum of diligence and confidentiality. As a German company, the timee GmbH is liable to the stringent German privacy regulations and we are taking every effort to meet them.

Which app permissions are needed and what are they used for?

timee is a very complex application. However, it does not need more access rights than other known social network or instant messenger apps. Still, the list of requested services can be daunting for users of Android 5.X.

Listed below we want to explain exactly which access rights are needed and what they are needed for. We thereby hope to enhance transparency and to take all worries from you. timee will never access any data irrelevant for its operations.

Call Phone Numbers, Read Status and ID
We integrated the possibility to call contacts directly from the app. To be able to do so we need to check the Status and the ID. timee will by no means access phone functions autonomously though.

Receive or Read SMS/MMS
During registration an SMS is sent to you in order to confirm your identity. So as to confirm the SMS automatically, access to the SMS function is needed. Messages which are not related to timee are never touched.

Location Information (GPS and Network-Based)
In timee we integrated a database containing over a million events of all sorts. So as to show you the best in your neighborhood location information is needed. This will not be saved permanently.

Read Contact Information
After registration timee will inspect which of your contacts are using timee already and will add these to your timee contacts. In order to execute this, timee needs access to your contact information. The respective information is used for this purpose only.

Read Calendar Events and Confidential Data
This sounds grave in the first place, however, it simply means that existing calendars are synchronized with timee if requested, resulting in a spot where you can see all your appointments at one glance.

Change or Delete SD-Card Contents
In timee, you can upload your own profile images and share photos via the instant messenger. This is possible only, if timee is allowed to access memory card contents. Here neither, files not relevant to timee will never be read or changed.

Use Authentication Credentials for Account
This right is needed for setting up or deleting an account for timee on your mobile device. Accounts of other applications or services are not touched.

Receive Internet Data
timee draws information from the Internet, such as data for the event schedule. Moreover, certain information is uploaded to timee’s servers and is forwarded to the respective receivers, e.g. invitations or chat messages. It is therefore inevitable for timee’s functioning to be allowed to go online.

Pairing with Bluetooth Devices
timee shortly will support Smartwatches. To make this possible, a Bluetooth connection to the respective devices has to be established.

Deactivate Idle State / Control Vibration Function
This enables timee to send you notifications about new chat messages, invitations and appointment reminders.

Read Sync-Settings
Required to synchronize timee with other calendars.

Change Global Settings
Needed for sharing or opening data with other applications, e.g. appointments or photos. At no time timee will change settings of other applications itself.

Writing Diagnostic Information
Serves tracking and analysis of systems crashes in order to improve and optimize the app.

Data Transfer via Framework
Enables data-exchange with other calendars and applications.

Where do I find your privacy policy and terms of use?

You find our privacy policy by visiting this page. Our terms of use can be viewed here. However, both legal texts are in German and will be provided soon in English in due time.